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The finance (sometimes called accounting) department function is recording financial transactions, preparing and interpreting financial statements and providing management with timely report and operating results.

Food and Beverage

Food & beverage department function is to provide (indeed) food and drinks to hotel’s guests via for example a coffee shop, a lounge, a fine dining restaurant, a poolside snack bar, room service,banquets halls or function rooms.

Front Office

The Front office function is welcoming guests when they arrive at the hotel, before registering them and assigning them to a room. Receptionists, Telephone Operators, Bell Staff, Drivers and in some cases Reservation, usually fall under the front office department.

General Management

A General Manager is the symbolic head of the organization, required to perform certain legal activities and attend to social events. He/She will be responsible for staffing, training, direction and motivation of subordinate as well as to develop a network outside of the hotel to gather information.


The housekeeping department is responsible for cleaning public spaces, guest rooms and properly provision them with amenities as well as clean towels and bed sheets supplied by the laundry.

Sales & Marketing

The sales & marketing department is responsible for maximizing room & other department revenues through relevant programs to increase occupancy and make profitable use of hotel’s accommodation, meeting and leisure facilities.


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FI 005: Bank Account Reconciliation / Objective: To establish a standard for maintaining written reconciliation’s for all bank accounts. Includes: SAMPLE REPORT (BANK RECONCILIATION) Details: File Size: 24 KB File Format: Word Print Length: 03 pages Publication Date: August 25, 2016…


FI 016: Night Auditing / Objective: To establish an effective Night Auditing Procedure. "...All Room rates should be verified with the respective contract (If contracted) and or the reservation letter or Email or the details available at the…


FI 007: Cash Float / Objective: To guarantee the cash float safety and ensure that the cash float amount is adapted to the activity of the related outlet. "...The contradictory counting and possible discrepancies are formalized and countersigned…


FI 018: Payment Control / Objective: To ensure that the Hotel only pays for goods and service which are bona-fide purchases. "...If the price shown on the invoice does not agree with the purchase order, the invoice and…


FO 008: Luggage Handling / Objective: To ensure that all guest luggage and items are handled properly to avoid damage. Details: File Size: 30 KB File Format: Word Print Length: 01 page Publication Date: January 14, 2016 Language: English Editable: Yes


HSK 014: Minibar Management Record / Objective To record minibar inventory, consumption & loss per room, block, floor. Details: File Size: 109 KB File Format: Excel Print Length: 04 Worksheets Publication Date: April 07, 2016 Language: English Editable: Yes Ready to Print: Yes…


FO 019: Bill Settlement (Cash) / Objective: To ensure that the correct amount of cash is received and returned to guest during the bill settlement period. Details: File Size: 30 KB File Format: Word Print Length: 01 page Publication Date: March 08,…


HSK 004: Public Area Attendant Assignment Record / Objective: To record on daily basis public area attendant's assignments. Details: File Size: 52 KB File Format: Excel Print Length: 01 Worksheet Publication Date: April 02, 2016 Language: English Editable: Yes Ready to Print: Yes…


FI 019: Personnel and Payroll (Introduction) / Objective: To introduce the hotel payment and payroll general role and responsibilities. Details: File Size: 21 KB File Format: Word Print Length: 01 page Publication Date: October 31, 2016 Language: English Editable: Yes



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