SM 001 - Sales - How to Handle Objections

Hotel Sales – Handling Objections – Training

SM 001: Handling Objections


When your sales team demonstrates your hotel/resort unique features, like it location, room size or concept, talks about a benefit like an all inclusive offer or uses a sales closing technique, their clients or potential guest may well respond in the negative sense (this will happen often in fact), giving excuses or otherwise heading away from the sale. The response to this is to handle these objections in order to convince your leisure top producer or nice corporate account to continue to stay with your property or start to send some guests.

Including a general process to handle objections plus 15 different techniques with examples like the Conditional Close, Deflection, Humor or Pre-empting Methods, Sales Techniques – Handling Objections will give your sales team an overview of the different techniques available to them to handle every day’s objections and feel comfortable when facing them.


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